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Jazz Dance: All that you need to know

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Jazz dance is classified under the category of modern dance forms. Jazz dance was basically dance performed on jazz music. And that is where it gets its name from.

We will learn more about the evolution of jazz dance later. For now, we will talk a little bit about Jazz dance as a whole and how widespread and popular it is in India and the world.

Jazz dance over the years has evolved into so much more. It has branched out and given birth to multiple dance styles that jazz dance now encompasses. It has now become a dance category/form, under which multiple dance styles come. Buy awesome jazz shoes at great discounts from Shop4lyf.

In a sense, it has emulated jazz music. Jazz music has also grown, branched out and today, it encompasses a huge number of different music styles. All different and distinct from each other and yet have jazz music as their base. And that is why they fall under the category of jazz music.

Jazz dance is no longer one particular type of dance. It has grown and become widespread all over the world in different countries. And each country has molded this dance form according to their dance sensibilities.

It includes a variety of dance forms like Charleston and cakewalk in it. Plus, the great thing about jazz dance is its flexibility to adapt and adopt new steps and yet make the dance performance and the style unique. That is refreshing and encouraging for this beautiful art form.

Now, before we talk about jazz dance history and types of jazz dance. Let us talk a little bit about Jazz dance definition and what all it entails. What exactly it is about?

Jazz dance: What is it? A broad definition

Jazz dance is basically a dance style that encourages and promotes individuality in its dancers. It is an extremely energetic dance form that requires oodles of energy and stamina. Not to forget that to excel in this dance form one needs to be passionate about becoming a great jazz dancer.

As mentioned above, Jazz is an ever evolving dance and music style. The reason for its manifold growth is the fact that it is not confined to a few techniques or steps. Basically, jazz dance steps are forever evolving and turning into something different and beautiful.

To simplify it, we should look at jazz dance as a personal, unique and individual interpretation of dancing by the dancer performing. Since Jazz style gives you the freedom to interpret movements depending on your strengths and your choices.

You as a dancer can experiment and explore the space with different jazz techniques and steps and make them your own. As jazz dance encourages flexibility of movement, body language, expressions, and individuality.

That is the main reason why jazz as a dance style is one of the most famous dance styles all over the world. Its popularity is associated with the freedom of movement and expression that it allows every dancer.

That is a reason for why it is one of the most popular and sought after modern dance forms in India as well. And this freedom of movement and flexibility is why it is increasingly becoming more and more popular in our country and abroad.

However, being a jazz dancer does not exclude learning techniques and having discipline. To be proficient in any dance style one needs to have focus, discipline and as discussed oodles of passion. In jazz dance, you need to work on your flexibility, fluidity of movement, posture and most importantly, balance.

Jazz Dance
Jazz Dance

Jazz Dance: A little history-its Evolution Music and its reach

Before we dwell further into what is required to be a great jazz dancer. Let us look at the brief history of jazz dance timeline. As it is famously known, jazz dance originated from dancing and performing on Jazz music which mostly includes Tap dance and Jitterbug styles.

And jazz music has its origins from the African American tribes and groups in the late 1800s and early 1900s. African Americans used to listen and make Jazz music as a wonderful recreational activity. And through them, this music got famous and widespread all over the United States and then the rest of the world.

Jazz dance in a similar way got popular in the United States and then became popular all over the world. And each city or country it got introduced to, imbibed the dance style in their own fashion. This then led to the formation of various dance styles all included and under Jazz dance.

While Europe infiltrated it with technique, Americans molded it in their own fashion. For a long period of time, Jazz was just limited to being performed in clubs and restaurants. And it didn’t receive the respect and honor it now gets.

Jazz dance was just another recreational activity and not a full blown respected art form till the 1940s. It is in the 1940s that the first Jazz studio was put up to teach jazz dance form to the enthusiastic dancers.

From then onwards it has just grown and grown as a dance form. And today, modern jazz has become a huge category in itself. One under which, various dance styles and interpretations come.

Most widespread dance and what all it requires

Now as discussed earlier, being a great jazz dancer requires many things in addition to exploring your individual style. It requires learning the right techniques and how to maintain balance and discipline.

For the finer your technique and your balance, the more graceful the dance looks. For fluidity in movement, it is essential to learn the right techniques and to be able to balance properly.

Jazz often requires performing some steps that are not very easy to do if you do not have a good core. Or if you haven’t worked on your balance or your posture, the dance can be difficult and may come about being a bit sloppy.

Hence, it is very important to work on your balance and techniques. They not only help to make your movements easier and far more fluid, they also make you look a lot more presentable and stylish while performing.

Another thing which avoids you from looking sloppy and ill-managed while performing is learning how to maintain a good posture. And to learn and work on all of these, jazz dance teachers teach their students Ballet.

Ballet is used to teach you discipline and techniques and to hone your dancing skills. It is extremely important to have some sort of a knowledge or training in Ballet in order to be a great modern jazz dancer. Then, of course, one needs to work on their flexibility as well. Ballet helps with that.

In addition, you can also do a little bit of Yoga or other stretching exercises in order to help with your flexibility.  So, one can conclude, that Ballet is used as a foundation to become a better Jazz dancer. In the same way learning Jazz dance is sometimes used as a foundation for becoming a better contemporary dancer.

But learning all of these basics is good but not enough if you don’t have the passion and zeal to be a fabulous jazz dancer. No number of techniques can teach you how to feel the rhythm and music. There have been great jazz dancers who hadn’t learned any techniques but were amazing because of their love for dance.

We use techniques to hone our dancing skills but passion is what makes you a dancer in the first place. If you are passionate, you are a good dancer. And if you infuse techniques and everything else, you can become a better dancer.

But most importantly, hold on to this passion because this is what will take you to becoming the next great jazz or any other dancer for that matter.

Types of jazz dance

As we have repeatedly mentioned above, Jazz includes a lot of other dance styles. That is these dance styles originated or have taken their inspiration from Jazz. And hence, they fall under this category.

Jazz Dance
Jazz Dance

There are many dance forms that fall under jazz but we are only going to list the most widespread ones. These are:-

  • Cakewalk
  • Charleston
  • Lindi Hop
  • Jitterbug
  • Swing
  • Boogie Woogie
  • Traditional Jazz
  • Black Bottom
  • Afro-beat
  • Street jazz
  • Traditional African American Jazz
  • Tap dance
  • Modern Jazz
  • Funk Jazz
  • House Dance
  • R&B Jazz
  • Jazz Hip-hop
  • Contemporary Jazz

Amongst other jazz styles.

Jazz Dance: Its benefits

Jazz Dance has many benefits that we are going to discuss and explore in this section. Like any other dance form, jazz too is extremely beneficial for our physical and mental health. Let us discuss briefly them both.

  1. Benefits to our physical health:-

Let us discuss the obvious benefits of jazz dance first. Dancing is a wonderful form of exercise that not only helps us lose weight but also makes us fitter by building our stamina. Dancing of any type helps to build your strength and stamina.

It strengthens your body and provides you with more stamina to accomplish more tasks and duties. You become more energetic too.

As mentioned earlier to be a jazz dancer, you need to work on your flexibility by doing stretching exercises. Hence, your flexibility also improves. In addition to that, when you are dancing, you are utilizing muscles in your body (arms, legs, and torso) that you normally don’t use on an everyday basis.

This helps to strengthen those muscles of yours that have been lying dormant till now. Also, learning jazz helps to improve your balance and posture. Thus, relieving you from back pains, that might be a result of bad posture.

Not to mention, the biggest benefit of losing weight and having a fitter and firmer body that you can be proud of.

As you can see, learning Jazz dance has a lot of physical benefits for you.



  1. Benefits to your mental health:-

Now, let us talk about the lesser known but more important benefits to your mental health.

Learning anything requires discipline and hard work and that is just what learning jazz teaches us.

It teaches you the importance of hard work and dedication. And as many dance performances include a group, learning jazz also teaches you how to work with other people in a group. That is, it helps in your social skills as well.

Also, learning any type of dance requires good motor-eye coordination. As you have to be quick on your feet and learn new choreographies every time, your brain faculties are also working overtime when you are dancing.

Plus, whenever you do any physical activity, it releases ‘endorphins’- the ‘feel good’ hormones that put you in a joyful mood. And don’t forget that whenever you accomplish anything (like becoming a good jazz dancer here), you become happy and confident.

Jazz dance teaches you to have confidence in yourself and your abilities. And this confidence helps you in other fields and in life in general as well.


India’s Jazz dancing scene and our objective here at Artistzo

Now, that we have seen the multiple physical and mental benefits of being a jazz dancer. Let us see check out the dancing scene in India and the scope of being a jazz dancer here.

Jazz dance has become a popular dance form in the metro cities recently. A big contributor to this popularity is the brand Danceworx (founded by the famous dancer Ashley Lobo). Danceworx is a famous modern dance institute that has branches all over Delhi and Mumbai.

And now we have a lot of other dance institutes that teach jazz and other modern dance forms. So as far as learning Jazz dancing goes, we are expanding and doing well in the metro cities. But, what about the professional scope for a jazz dancer in India?

Unfortunately, the career prospects of a jazz dancer are very limited. Those who learn jazz dance can either hope to become choreographers for movies or events. Or maybe have their dance studio someday where they can teach others jazz dance.

But financially this field is still unstable. And the reason for this is ignorance. There is still a large part of our population unaware of this beautiful dance form. And we here at Artistzo want to change just that.

We want to promote and spread awareness about the beautiful jazz dance style. So that more and more people become aware and want to follow the footsteps of great jazz dancers. And you can use with this. Just share your jazz dance videos to Artistzo and we will share your videos with the world.

Spread awareness about jazz and simultaneously, showcase your talent to the world and become famous.



hip hop dance

Hip hop dance style: Share your awesome videos!

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Hip hop dance is one of the most famous modern dance forms practiced in India. It has been a hugely popular choice for a lot of dancers. In fact, one would go as far as to say that this dance form is probably the most famous and heard of modern dance form in India.

Even outside the popularity of this particular dance is mammoth-like. All over the world, people are attracted and interested to be a part of Hip hop dance. And to do something new and different in this dance form that has not been done before. Buy awesome hip hop outfits at great deals only at Shop4lyf.

Hip hop dance’s worldwide popularity is another reason why it has become so super famous in India. We as a nation look to the west for inspiration when it comes to learning modern dance forms. So, of course, the popularity of hip hop dance is going to rub off on us as well.

But what is so interesting about hip hop dance which justifies its global popularity? Well, there are multiple reasons for its popularity both in India and outside all over the world. But we will explain this after we understand, what exactly is hip hop dance all about?


Hip hop dance: What is hip hop all about? It’s perception.

Hip hop dance is categorized under modern dance. And it is a massively popular dance form throughout the world. It requires a lot of flexibility, originality, and control. Plus, the great thing about this dance is that it is very individualistic.

And it is an ever growing and ever changing dance form that has multiple sub categories of dance falling under it. Yes, this dance has become so vast, that it has given birth to multiple sub categories of hip hop dance. There is a reason for its’ ever growing popularity and so, let us explore that reason further.

Hip hop dance has often been perceived as a form of street dance. It has basically been taken up by those dancers who don’t exactly come from a lot of money or may not have a lot of support to pursue their dreams. It is a fact that because they cannot pay high tuition to learn any other dance discipline, they might prefer to join hip hop dance as it is a more economical option.

Association with Street dance

To understand this further, we will have to learn a little bit about the history of hip hop dance and culture. But we will dwell into that later. Let us first understand a little bit about what is street dance?

Street dance is the dance that is opted by many when they do not have a lot of money to spend on learning any dance form. Or someone opts for it when they just want to explore their creativity in dance without the confines of a classroom or the rules that come with it.

Whatever their motivation may be to join, street dance has become a very popular and attractive option for dancers. And street dance has over time been given the tag of being known as hip hop dance.


History of Hip hop dance timeline

Hip hop dance definition is basically a dance form that initially started with street dance. And then later went on to expand into many different forms of dancing. Let us understand how this happened by understanding the hip hop dance history and culture.

Hip hop dance was first introduced to the world in 1970s. It is basically sourced from hip hop music and street jazz music. That is this particular dance was performed on hip hop music and street jazz tunes.

It was first discovered and made popular by African Americans and Latin Americans in the U.S. in the 1970’s. The characteristics of hip hop dancing that caught everyone’s eye were the upbeat energy with which this dance was performed.

The upbeat music with energizing moves and great swag made this an instant hit with not only the African Americans and Latin Americans but also with the rest of the world as well.


And as the popularity of this dance form spread, more and more dancers got interested to learn this dance form and make it their own. That is how this dance style began to evolve into so much more than just street dance.

For the great thing about hip hop dance is that because it started as a way to enjoy oneself on music and not as a technique based dance, it led to a lot of creativity. More people wanted to learn this dance because of the freedom of expression, creativity, and movement that hip hop dancing allowed.

There wasn’t any strict module given on how to learn this dance style. It all came from the heart and from feeling the music. This dance form is perhaps the most liberal dance apart from Bollywood dance when it comes to movements and techniques.

Sure, there are a lot of techniques that you learn that can make you a better hip hop dancer. But primarily, it is how you feel while listening to music and how you move to the music is what is important in being a good hip hop dancer.


Hip Hop Dance: its Popularity

Hip hop dance


We define hip hop dance as an energetic, upbeat dance form that includes various other types of dances. Everything from street dance to popping and locking to krumping come under hip hop dance. And it is because of these variations in movements that this dance is so popular.

Hip hop dance can be called the dance of the general population or the commons. It is so diverse that everyone from kids to adults loves to learn and indulge in it. Because there are so many styles within one dance form that we get attracted to this style.

Then, of course, hip hop is a full on energy dance style. You need to give it your all. And when you are happy and motivated, you are of course going to display lots of energy and power. Yes, hip hop is a powerful dance style. It is a force of nature.

It is also sometimes a very aggressive dance style. That is because it is sometimes used as a way to dispel the frustration that a person has. A very productive use of aggression isn’t it? As it has been used as an outlet for creativity, hip hop dance has had a mix of different styles emerge from it.

Hip hop dance: How widespread is it?

So how widespread is the popularity of hip hop dancing? Well, as mentioned above it is a rage globally. Every country whether it is the United States or Canada or African countries or Latin American countries or Asian countries (including India) is an ardent admirer of hip hop style and has many people learning hip hop in all these countries all over the world.

So now you see a variety of dance reality shows all over the world that feature hip hop dance as one of its staple and main dance styles. So whether it is ‘So you think you can dance’ in the United States or ‘Dance India Dance’ or ‘Dance Plus’ in India, there are numerous reality shows that are promoting and integrating hip hop style in their program.

You see, hip hop dance has become fashionable and a rage everywhere because of its infectious energy and its inclusive structure. Anyone and everyone can learn hip hop dance. You don’t need any special training (i.e. if you don’t want any) to be a hip hop dance performer.

You just need to have a love for dancing and performing. For dancing is a way to express who you are through movement and expressions and body language. And hip hop dance, in particular, provides you with that opportunity to be uninhibited and free.

Another great thing about hip hop is its’ infectious energy that can pull anyone away from boredom and towards the dance floor. And this energy and zest for dancing can be seen in various hip hop dance crews that have come up all over the world.

Types of hip hop dance

Whether it is the United States or China or India or any other country, many hip hop dance crews have been formed by dancers all over the world. And these dance crews and groups have a huge fan following in media, online everywhere. All of this has helped to make hip hop dance more and more beloved and prominent the world over.

And these dance crews have established themselves in various different types of hip hop dance styles. So, whether it is krumping or popping and locking, each of these dance styles (that come under hip hop category) has a list of famous hip hop dance crews and groups performing and specializing in them.

So, let us discuss the various dance styles of hip hop.

  • Street Hip Hop
  • Popping
  • Locking
  • B-boying and breaking
  • Crip-walking
  • Floating
  • Electric Boogaloo
  • Turfing
  • Robot/mannequin
  • Harlem shake
  • Jerkin
  • Liquids and digits
  • Krumping
  • Jazz-funk
  • Lyrical hip hop

So follow the groups and crews who specialize in these various forms. And enjoy dancing to hip hop dance music with full enthusiasm and energy and zest.

Hip hop dance: its benefits

Hip hop dance
Hip hop dance

After discussing the popularity of hip hop through continents. Let us now discuss the benefits. There are various benefits to learning hip hop dance styles and they are the following:-

  • It is mentally very beneficial as learning and performing hip hop puts us in a lighter and more fun mood. That is, it can uplift our mood during a particularly trying day.
  • Plus, it makes us mentally sharper also. As we have to follow choreography or remember steps, we are continuously using our mental faculties and exercising our brain cells. And this keeps us mentally active in the long term.
  • Also, it improves our motor-eye coordination.
  • Learning hip hop dance also strengthens our muscles as we become aware of those muscles also which till now were inactive due to a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Also, because as a dancer and performer you need to be on your feet for a while, it helps to build our stamina too.
  • And of course, because of all the movement and physical activity that the body is going through, we tend to lose a lot of weight and gain strength at the same time. This is called a double whammy.
  • With everything else, learning hip hop dance also helps us with improving our flexibility.
  • Hip hop also teaches us immense focus and helps in concentration too as we have to catch the smallest of beats in this dance style.
  • But the best of all benefit that we get from indulging in Hip Hop is the immense satisfaction and joy of doing what we love.
Prospects of being a hip hop dancer in India: Share your videos here at Artistzo

After discussing extensively the popularity and benefits of hip hop dance, let us come down to the opportunities associated with it. That is, what are the career prospects of being a hip hop dancer in India and abroad?

Well as discussed earlier, people have become a lot more aware and attracted to this dance style since the influx of dance reality shows. In India since the advent of dance reality shows that showcase different forms of hip hop dance, there has been a surge in its demand.

Of course, films like ‘ABCD’ and ‘ABCD2’ (directed by the celebrated Hip hop dancer and choreographer Remo D’souza) have only helped in making hip hop more famous. Taking an example from these shows and movies, hip hop dance crews and groups have formed all over the country.

These groups participate in competitions and perform at events and in movies also. Some have opened their own dancing studios too and some hip hop dancers have taken the Bollywood route and become Bollywood choreographers.

So as you can see, it is a good time to be a hip hop dancer in India. And if you are really talented, it is no longer difficult to attain the fame you deserve. Social media and the internet are there to help you become the next best thing.

And so are we here at Artistzo, ready to help you provide a platform that will make you the next great hip hop dancer. All you have to do is share your video with a little bit about you at Artistzo and we will share your video on our site.

We wish you all the very best in your quest to be the next great thing in Hip hop.